acai paradise our story

Dreams and vision made us move from the beautiful Island of Enchantment, Puerto Rico to what is now our second home, The Old Pueblo, Tucson. In 2003, while we were employed by the Tucson airport we discovered our favorite Mexican fast food in town. We decided to give it a try and dedicated our time and effort to become the owners of three of these franchises in Tucson. As small business owners we have learned so much from customers, employees and friends in this city. We have grown our passion for serving quality food that fits our beloved Tucsonans tastebuds but also, we added our Caribbean roots to some of our recipes for those that are far from home or want to explore different and new ways to eat their favorite food.

We continued having dreams and visions and that is why in 2020 , in the middle of a pandemic that changed our world, we started talking about how our area needed a place for wings and ribs. A great place to have your favorite food, with a family environment but also, a place where you can enjoy your favorite beer. We worked on a variety of sauces that include a traditional buffalo sauce and many other flavors with unique ingredients or combinations that we are thrilled to share with our beloved Tucsonans.

During these conversations our mom was visiting Tucson and pointed at us the need of a place in the south area of Tucson for her to buy her favorite treat or sometimes her meal, a delicious, refreshing and nutrient dense, acai bowl. She introduced us to this super food and we immediately thought about what ingredients or combinations we can add or create to make this gift from nature taste like our own version of paradise. We came together as a family with a variety of healthy, fun and fresh toppings for our bowls, smoothies recipes, and natural juices recipes that will create a great experience for our customers, while fueling themselves with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

It has been a great adventure; one full of learning, growing, challenges, joy and a lot of flavor. We are honored to serve our community and share our blessings and gifts with others. Thank you for 18 years of support and trust!


We are committed to only offer the best quality of food and remarkable value to our customers. Guaranteeing to make your favorite meals or treats the highlight of your day and the place you want to bring family and friends.


We carefully select ingredients from only the top food industry distributors and our recipes are crafted with excellence. Our team members have passion for serving people and creating a great experience while traveling “From Healthy to Salty” on every visit.

now open in Tucson, AZ

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